Initially "BTC4Hunger" will serve as a platform where donors are given the opportunity to donate cryptocurrencies to a charity of their choosing. Subsequently, with your help as a participant, we intend to develop and implement these applications for charity organizations themselves. Our aim is to create more transparency concerning the charity industry by using this new blockchain technology and revolutionize global philanthropy through blockchain technology.



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Currently fundraising organizations are hardly making use of the possibility to collect cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. As this is a new way of fundraising the possibilities are numerous for the charity organizations as well as their target groups. There are no issues to be expected concerning current legislation and regulations.

Over the recent years, donors have become increasingly critical towards the fact that their donations were not received in full by those intended. Banking costs is one of the main reason for this.

As there is no third party, like banks, involved when using cryptocurrencies, transaction costs of these currencies are very low. This is one of their great advantages and enables the recipient to receive as good as the entire amount of the donation.


Another advantage of using cryptocurrencies is their transaction speed which is faster than traditional bank transactions. Also, digital currencies are not subject to international fluctuating exchange rates.

An increasing number of nonprofit organizations are looking to cryptocurrency to help reduce global poverty. The immediacy, inclusivity and stability that cryptocurrency promotes could be invaluable for those who are in crisis, lack access to a bank or struggle due to hyperinflation. Charities cooperation with fundraising project "BTC For Hunger" is an examples of how cryptocurrency and poverty reduction are coming together.


Fundraising project "BTC4Hunger" offers a platform where you can find Hunger fighting organizations of the World and make a donation in Bitcoins and other types of cryptocurrencies.

Our goal is also to encourage charity organizations and donors to start using this new technology which will ultimately change the world.

With your help, we will support established charity organizations in their effort to present their goals internationally and to collect additional funding for their charitable initiatives.

Fundraising project "BTC4Hunger" will also encourage companies in the cryptocurrency industry to donate small amounts of their profits to these charity organizations to help improve the image of cryptocurrencies worldwide

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